Henna - Lawsonia Inermes
What is henna? It's a plant. The leaves are picked, dried, and ground into a powder. This powder is mixed with a drinkable liquid. Most artists use water, lemon juice, or apple juice. Certain types of essential oils are normally used as well as some type of sugar.  The henna paste is then left to sit until the dye in the henna leaves releases.  Designs are made on the skin with the henna paste. It dries, flakes off and leaves a stain on the skin that lasts about 10 days. 
Real henna is good for you. and very perishable. It contains antifungal and antibacterial properties and 
must be stored cold (a few days) or frozen (a few months).
Never use store bought henna for any reason. Always contact your local henna artisan for fresh henna paste.
​My handmade paste contains pure lab tested henna powder that I import from the grower, apple juice, esential oils, and molasses.
Only Use Handmade, Artisan Henna
The only safe henna is handmade henna. All shelf stable, store bought, commercially made henna contains a plethora of junk that you don't want on your skin.  From industrial dyes and weird preservatives to industrial solvents and sometimes lead. Never use store bought henna. It can cause permanent skin and organ damage. 
Private Appointments & Parties
School & Corporate Events
Private in-home appointments are available for individual sessions or parties.  You know you want a night in with your friends. 
Food, Drink, Henna, Fun! 
We do quite a few school and corporate events every year. The overnight gradfest parties and welcome back to college parties are a favorite of ours. Up to 4 artists available. 
We love festivals. Are you looking for very experienced festival vendors to provide professional body art for your patrons?
Ask Early and Often, up to a year in advance please.  We provide handmade, freehand henna body art and brush and sponge face painting. 
My Henna Paste Recipe
My Henna & Epic Glitter Shop
Pure, lab tested, henna powder that I import from the grower in Sojat Rajasthan, organic apple juice, pure, high quality essential oils, and molasses.
My essential oils include some or all of the following: Cajeput, Niaouli, Bulgarian Lavender, Geranium Bourbon, & Tea Tree oils. I can make custom batches to exclude any or all oils. I can use water, lemon juice or apple juice for you as well.
If you have allergies. Just ask me! 
You can not use henna. 
If you are allergic to Fava Beans.
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